Honor and respect self and other including mind, body, energy, gender, race, sexual orientation, and political affiliation. All people deserve respect and kindness. 


Be generous and welcoming to yourself and to others in all of our darkness and imperfection.


Life is long. Things take time to grow. People take time to grow. Plants take time to bear fruit. Give it time.

Ethical Conduct

Consider others before you speak and act. Listen to the people around you. Put the truth of what you ought to become before the fear of what you may lose.

Enthusiastic Effort

Let go of every idea of gain, of end, every goal, and do it simply for the doing of it. Do it for the love right now. 


Pay very close attention to what is happening right now. 


Let go of what isn't working. Surrender, relax and have fun. To each their own enjoyment and sorrow. Be yourself and hold things lightly.