The Energetics of Sexual Union

The Energetics of Sexual Union


COMING SOON 2019 | OAKLAND, CA | 1-DAY PRIVATE INTENSIVE | 10am-5pm | 20 Total Seats Available

What it means to be a man is changing.

Great courage and sensitivity is required to help ourselves heal, evolve, and serve the world in a deeper way. The times we live in are calling for the balance of our inner masculine and feminine forces. We are being called to awaken ourselves, body, mind and spirit. Sexuality and sexual presence are rooted in the deepest levels of the psyche and body. In order to transform ourselves and our relationships, we must go to the root. 

This private intensive will provide a safe space to explore the issues unique to men's experience. It will focus on the energetics of Taoist sexual practice, communication and listening, energetic attraction, depth and safety. Learn to channel and circulate sexual energy, cultivate sexual longevity and sensitivity, deepen your own sexual experience, and learn to have multiple, blissful full body orgasms without ejaculating. Unlock the keys to unimaginable sexual bliss and cultivate a clear, grounded and warm human presence. 

In this workshop you will learn practices to help you: 

  • Tap into your inner source of sexual power

  • Increase the longevity, vitality, connection, and depth of your sexual experiences

  • Achieve multiple full body orgasms, without ejaculating

  • Explore the energetics of arousal and masculine sex magic

  • Become more purposeful, focused and attractive in life, work and love

  • Help to heal yourself, your partner, and your relationship through taoist sexual practice

  • Rid yourself of toxic masculinity, objectification, pornography addiction, indecision, and unreliability

  • Fill your sexual presence with love, warmth and power 

  • Learn to listen to your partner with your body, not your mind

  • Become trustworthy and reliable in your energetic presence 

Nathan Heintz is a 20th Generation Disciple in Chen Style Taijiquan and Hunyuan qigong. He has been studying Taoist sexual practice for the last 20 years and has an embodied understanding and skill set of what he teaches. His mission is to help men evolve and heal themselves from a culture of toxic masculinity and violence, and enable human beings to cultivate relationships that lead to awakening, healing, warmth, love, trust, and human transformation. 

This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as a man, regardless of sexual orientation, gender status, or any other considerations. If you’re a man, this workshop is for you.

There will be no nudity, arousal, or touch during the workshop. It will be individual masculine energy practice, safe space, and honest discussion.

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