Embodying Power, Vitality and Clarity with Tai Chi Chuan

Embodying Power, Vitality and Clarity with Tai Chi Chuan

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Early 2019 - Dates TBD | San Francisco, CA | 10am-4pm | $50-$90 Suggested Offering

This one-day intensive will immerse you in the embodiment and energy practices of ancient China, helping you to awaken and harness your vital life energies for innate power and agility of mind, body, and spirit. The intensive will cover:  

  • The core concepts, theory and principles of Chen Style Tai Chi and Hunyuan Qigong 

  • Standing Meditation exercises for the cultivation of internal energy and resilient awareness

  • Hunyuan Qigong exercises for vitality, healing and inner calm 

  • Chen Style Tai Chi foundations exercises for strength, flexibility and power

  • Push hands exercises for developing sensitivity, agility, embodied listening, and 

  • The fundamentals of energetic body mechanics for a stable, adaptable and  thriving experience of body and mind

This intensive will be taught by Nathan Heintz, 20th Generation Disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua. Nathan has been studying Chen Taiji since 1998 and has been a student of Master Chen Zhonghua since 2007. 


1436 Howard St #201, San Francisco, CA 94103


Please bring comfortable shoes, ideally with flat soles and a water bottle. Also please wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercise that allow for ample range of motion. No jeans, please. Unless they’re the really stretchy kind. :)


Nathan Heintz


+1 (510) 393-3705 (text)

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